Winneshiek County Public Health has been proudly serving the residents of Winneshiek County for over half a century with their public health and home health care needs. This agency is dedicated to maintaining the health of our community through communicable disease surveillance, safe water and sanitation issues and prevention of health problems. We are an official Home Health Agency, certified as a participating agency under the Health Insurance Benefits Program XVIII and XIX (Medicare and Medicaid).
Red Sharps Disposal Container. Read below for more information.
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Free confidential STD testing is available. Please call 563-382-4662 and ask for Jamie or Krista to schedule an appointment.
Turkey time is upon us! Each year, many foodborne outbreaks are linked to large family gatherings. Food handling errors and inadequate cooking are the most common problems that lead to poultry-associated foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States. This upcoming holiday season, please take appropriate steps to thaw, handle and cook turkey properly. It is important to always practice good hand-washing, avoid cross-contaminating other foods and surfaces with raw meat, and cook turkey to a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information, click on "Read More"
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Feeling Queasy? Call 844-IowaSic to report food poisoning.
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Used Needle Disposal Container

We need to keep needles out of the landfill!  We are accepting used needles, scalpels and ...
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Handwashing Keeps You Healthy!

Cleaning your hands is important to keeping you healthy.  Here are recommendations from th...
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Stay Home!

It is important especially during cold and flu season, to stay home from work or school if...
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Norovirus Alert!

Although norovirus circulates year round, cases and outbreaks tend to peak from November t
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Flu Clinic 2018

We are currently having walk-in flu clinics on Wednesdays from 8AM--4PM and on Fridays from 12 noon until 4pm at our off

Learn CPR!

CPR saves lives!  Could you save a life if you had to?  Do you know CPR? Do your friends and family know CPR?  Winneshie...

Loan Closet Equipment

Did you know that you can rent most forms of durable medical equipment from us?  We have a Loan Closet Program and have ...


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