Krista , R.N., B.A., Administrator
HKristaVandenBrinkRNi, I’m Krista. I have been the Administrator of the agency since 2003 and have worked with Public Health since 1998. My previous work experience includes long term care facility and hospital nursing. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Luther College. I assist with Communicable Disease investigations and follow-ups and immunizations. It’s my job to ensure our agency is following the rules and regulations set forth by Medicare and Medicaid and so I spend time reviewing policies and procedures.  I also attend meetings and conferences for updates, writing letters to legislators about important health issues and funding, reporting agency updates to the Board of Health and doing things to help make the agency run smoothly. Our nursing and home care aide staff strives to assist you to live as independently and safely as possible in your own home and  are excellent caregivers while providing the best cares.  Your health concerns become our concerns and we strive to provide you with the very best home health care.

Cheryl , R.N.
CherylMcConnellRNHi, my name is Cheryl. I have worked as a Registered Nurse with Public Health since October, 2001. My primary function as a staff nurse is to provide skilled nursing services to clients in their homes. I assist with a Happy Feet Clinic for the community at our office and help with flu clinics. I represent nursing on the Physical Therapy Board at Winneshiek Medical Center and have been a volunteer for the American Red Cross. I provide nursing supervision and auditing for a local agency that provides services for the mentally and physically challenged. I have work experience as a hospital staff nurse, and in a skilled nursing home as a staff nurse, supervisor, restorative and with staff development.

Selina , R.N., B.A.
SelinaKurthRNHi, my name is Selina. I have been one of the Public Health nurses since October of 2003. My main focus at the agency is home visits.. Prior to my employment at Public Health, I worked in a skilled nursing facility. My emphasis in nursing has been geriatrics. However, public health has allowed me the opportunity to work with individuals in all age groups. I really enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. This job has allowed for that to continue.

Nancy , R.N., B.S.N.
NancySacquitneRNHello, I’m Nancy. I have been a public health nurse for Winneshiek County since 1985. I am involved in provision of home care services to county residents. Currently, I serve as assistant administrator of the agency. I also am the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, working to improve the public health response in the event of an emergency. I advocate the importance of prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles through educational programs by doing monthly radio interviews. I also am a basic life support instructor for CPR for our agency. I do a lot of volunteer activities, such as Red Cross, 4H leader, working with Decorah Free Clinic and church committees.

Penny , HCA
PennyHeroldHCAHello, I’m Penny. I have been employed as a Home Care Aide at Winneshiek County Public Health since 1983. I like meeting people and helping folks stay in their homes for as long as possible. We have a great staff which helps to meet the client’s goals.



Nancy , HCA
NancyOlsonHCAHello, I’m Nancy. I have been employed as a Home Care Aide at Winneshiek County Public Health since 1996. I enjoy being able to work with and help people on a one-to-one basis.



Lois , HCA Program Director
LoisFranaHello, my name is Lois. I’m happy to have worked for Public Health since 1985. I am the Home Care Aide Director. One of my responsibilities is to coordinate services with home care aides and their clients. This involves scheduling and changes that evolve during the week. I also am involved with the billing, cost reports, and general management of the agency on a day-to-day basis.



DougGroux1Doug , Environmental Sanitarian