Winneshiek County Public Health would like to remind you of the need to protect not only yourself in this extreme cold, but your property and your animals.

Frostbite to bare skin may occur in less than five (5) minutes.

  • Be sure to spend minimal amount of time outdoors and cover all skin area if possible;
  • Pets and livestock can suffer frostbite as well, check on them and if able have them indoors away from the cold winds and temperatures;
  • Be aware that hypothermia (cold body temperature) may occur as well.

Avoid unnecessary travel if possible.

  • If travel is necessary, be sure vehicle prepared with gas tanks filled;
  • Extra clothing and blankets in case of breakdown; have water and food also;
  • Fully charged cellphone—keep them close to you to keep warm and functioning;
  • Let someone know your route, when you are leaving and estimated time of arrival.

In your home, stay safe and warm.

  • Be sure that furnaces are properly functioning;
  • Be safe in use of space heaters; do NOT use heat from ovens or stove tops;
  • Do NOT use fuel fired space heaters indoors.

Check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly or ill persons. Be sure they are safe and warm.

If a person would fall outdoors without any way to call for help, they could be in extreme danger quickly. Stay safe. If emergency needs arise, call 911 for assistance.