Climate change is a pressing threat to human health.  Some groups of people, particularly communities of color and low-income neighborhoods, are disproportionately impacted by climate change.  They face decades of limited investment in their health and increased pollution in their neighborhoods.

What can we do to make a positive impact?

  1.  Buy less:  Be thoughtful about purchases.  Do you need the very latest in technology?  Buying less stuff can have a big effect on climate emissions, natural resources and pollution.
  2. Plan for disasters and heat:  Individuals and communities should prepare themselves for floods, heat waves and other disasters.  Each family should develop a disaster to-go kit.  More information on what to include can be found at
  3. Increase affordable and energy-efficient housing:  low income communities often struggle to maintain adequate heating and cooling in their homes and spend more of their monthly income on home energy costs.  Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation has programs to assist individuals and families with affordable housing.