The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has invested in Northeast Iowa to be one of the Food and Fitness Initiatives in the country.
• Northeast Iowa is one of nine communities nationwide selected to participate.
• We have received a grant to create a community action plan over the next two years, with the potential for additional funding for implementation.


Too many people in our community suffer from the effects of poor diet and physical inactivity, especially in low-income neighborhoods.
The goal is to create vibrant communities that support access to locally grown, healthy and affordable food and safe places for physical activity and play— for everyone.
• In many neighborhoods liquor stores, gas station markets and convenience stores are the only convenient and affordable source of food.
• Other neighborhoods lack safe places for families to play and be active, and are designed for automobiles rather than pedestrians or bicyclists.


Our community coalition will focus on promoting changes so that eating healthy and being active becomes easy for everyone.
• We will engage youth and families as change agents and advocates.
• We will advocate for changes to the built environment that promote walking, bicycling or playing in the local park.
• We will seek policy changes that improve our local food system and increase the affordability and convenience of locally grown, healthy food.


This initiative will be built upon the collaboration and work of the entire community.
• We are building a local collaborative that will plan, implement and sustain changes to improve the quality of life for children and families.
• We are engaging individuals and organizations from all sectors—from transportation to public health, from agriculture to education, and from youth to the faith community.

We believe that working together we can create long-lasting and practical solutions, and serve as a model of positive change in our state and beyond.

Get Involved!
• Participate in your County Planning Team meetings. The County Planning Teams meet each month to discuss a topic related to the initiative. Those unable to attend can still view the information and comment by visiting the website:
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