Fall in Iowa marks an increase in farm equipment on Iowa roadways as farmers move from field to field to harvest
their crops. While this represents an important part of our state’s economy, it also increases the risk of traffic
accidents. The two most likely types of collisions with farm equipment are left-turn and rear-end collisions.

Left-turn collisions happen when the farm vehicle (such as a combine) is about to make a left turn and the farmer
must make a wide turn to successfully align with a gate or small entry road. The motor vehicle behind begins to
pass without understanding the farm vehicle was preparing to make a left turn.

Rear-end collisions are common because farm equipment and motor vehicles travel at different speeds. For
example, when a car traveling at 55 mph approaches a tractor traveling at 15 mph, the distance between the two
vehicles is covered in about five seconds – leaving little time for the motor vehicle to stop.