Morning routine: 30 minutes to lower blood pressure.
Ready for some morning magic? We’re not talking about a beauty routine or a “breakfast of champions” (though we’re all for it!). We’re talking about a simple habit that can benefit your blood pressure: a brisk walk. We know that regular exercise helps with blood-pressure control, and researchers recently put a.m. walks to the test. In a controlled setting, researchers assessed the effects of adding a 30-minute morning walk to an otherwise sedentary day (sound familiar?) among a group of overweight adults. Blood pressure dropped among both men and women on the days when they walked—about the same degree as with blood pressure medication. What’s more, when women who had walked in the morning also broke up their daytime sitting with short, frequent breaks, they had an additional drop in blood pressure. (Men didn’t experience this bonus; sorry, guys.) Walking isn’t the only form of exercise that offers blood-pressure benefits, of course. Swimming, jogging, dancing, raking, hiking, biking, tennis, or anything else that raises your heart rate fit the bill! But walking is especially accessible—no special gear needed, no gym membership required. Just put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go. If you’re sedentary, or inconsistent about exercise, it’s time to change up your schedule and make time for a morning walk.

Source: Effect of Morning Exercise With or Without Breaks in Prolonged Sitting on Blood Pressure in Older Overweight/Obese Adults