Winneshiek County Public Health has been proudly serving the residents of Winneshiek County for over half a century with their public health and home health care needs. This agency is dedicated to maintaining the health of our community through communicable disease surveillance, safe water and sanitation issues and prevention of health problems. We are an official Home Health Agency, certified as a participating agency under the Health Insurance Benefits Program XVIII and XIX (Medicare and Medicaid).
Red Sharps Disposal Container. Read below for more information.
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Free confidential STD testing is available. Please call 563-382-4662 and ask for Jamie to schedule an appointment.
Feeling Queasy? Call, it's easy! 844-IowaSic to report food poisoning.
Mini Cook Winners: 1st Place: Autumn with a Chocolate Chip Cheesecake; 2nd: Gracelyn with a Yogurt Parfait; and 3rd: Charity with Fudge Swirl Oreo Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes. Junior Cook Winners: 1st: Jaden with Oreo Salad; 2nd: Margret with Cucumber Dilly Bites; and 3rd: Grace with Pizza Bread. Congratulations to each of our winners and all the participants! It was all very good! Yum!

Cool Teens Get Vaccines

There have been changes to Iowa's immunization law that may affect your teen! All stude
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Beat the Heat!

Weather forecasts indicate some summer heat and humidity will be returning.  Here's some q...
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Your Skin is Screaming for Sunscreen!

Yes, really, your skin is screaming for sunscreen.  Your skin wants you to protect it ever...
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Hot Cars Kill!

We've all seen the stories of children, pets and adults dying because they've been left in...
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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Are you a sexually active 15-24 year old?  Do you have any symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection?  Many times the...

Ask for Winneshiek County Public Health

You DO have a choice for your home healthcare.  Choose Winneshiek County Public Health.  Give us a call at 563-382-4662

Used Needle Disposal Container

We need to keep needles out of the landfill!  We are accepting used needles, scalpels and lancets from the public in our...


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